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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine, or naturopathy, is different than other kinds of medical care. At it's core, it operates on two key ideas: treating the root cause of illness, and treating the whole person.


Naturopathy combines modern scientific research and diagnostics with traditional knowledge, to offer natural therapies that are customized to you. No two patients present the same, and no two patients are ever treated in the exact same way. Plus, the longer appointment times allow you to be heard, become educated, and feel empowered about your wellness. 

Therapies can include any combination of nutritional work, supplementation, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese acupuncture, and lifestyle counselling. They are effective, generally safe, and can work alongside conventional medicine. Blood work and other testing helps diagnose and track progress.

You are more than just a set of symptoms. Your body, mind, lifestyle, and environment are interconnected to shape your health and make you unique. Your medical care should not be generic, and should help you achieve long-term wellness.


What and how we eat can make all the difference, especially for digestive issues. The right choices can change everything, while the wrong ones can inflame and cause setbacks.


Herbal medicine has been used globally for millenia, and modern research has been supporting a fair bit of it. There is a tremendous wealth of benefit to be found in medicinal plants and fungi for almost any condition.


The choices are vast on the market, so knowing the right kinds of supplements to use is important. Form, origin, dose, regulation, synergy, potency, interactions - it takes experience to know the right direction.


An ancient practice with a rapidly growing body of evidence. Acupuncture can be used as a stand-alone therapy for many health concerns, or as an adjunct to enhance other treatments. It's especially useful when mental health or stress are contributors.

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