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Naturopathic medicine (NM) is different than any other kind of medicine. At it's core, NM operates on two key ideas: treating the root cause of illness, and treating the whole person.


You are more than just a set of symptoms that need to be covered up. Your body, mind, lifestyle, and environment are inextricably connected to affect your health and make you unique. Your medical care should therefore not be generic, and should help you achieve long-term wellness.


NM combines modern scientific research and diagnostics with traditional knowledge, to offer natural therapies that are customized to you. Longer appoinment times allow you to become educated and empowered about your health. 


Therapies can include any combination of nutritional work, supplementation, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese acupuncture, and lifestyle counselling. They are effective, 

generally safe, and can work alongside conventional medicine. Blood work and other testing helps diagnose and track progress.


With this unique model of care, NM may help many ongoing chronic or acute illnesses, prevent future disease, and may help you stay healthy.


Please have a look at the FAQ page for more infomation.

Naturopath in Aurora, Newmarket, York Region. Dr. Jenny Henderson, ND. Natural treatments for digestive issues, women's health, skin, and stress.
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