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Naturopath in Aurora, Newmarket, York Region. Dr. Jenny Henderson, ND. Natural treatments for aging skin

aging skin

Healthy, glowing, youthful skin starts on the inside, at any age. Pollution, sun, diets, stress, and habits leave their mark on the skin.


Creams and masks work very superficially, while surgery and injections are costly and invasive. There are other ways to care for you skin that may not only help you glow, but also feel better and have more energy.


The key lies in the choices you make. With a plant-rich diet and proper hydration, you can impact how your skin ages. If you add regular activity and gentle detoxifying you may find good improvements over time. 


For an extra boost to the appearance of skin, facial rejuvenation acupuncture may help improve current concerns, like fine lines, puffiness, spots, and scars.

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